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Recent Work

Below is a sampling of articles I've written over the past few years. Although I'm heavily entrenched in the cult of Land Rovers, I'm a fan of anything that can put a smile on your face while driving, drifting or crawling!



Wet Running Moab

             "Hardly any Rover outing is complete without at least some “excitement." Having a P38 with the group meant that others of us got to laugh – but also learn – as Peter skillfully solved more than one issue that his Range Rover threw at him! The power steering pump, the ABS and electronic traction control were throwing lights and acting intermittently on the trail. Saturday morning, the truck threw a right-side incorrect voltage code. Well-versed in the characteristics of his rig, Peter swapped out the sensors that day during lunch on the trail."



Utah Traverse

"The last evening together proved too windy for a fire, but the sunset and good company made up for it. We all watched the stars and recalled our favorite parts of the trip. None of us wanted to return to society, but we were out of popsicles and steak, and really, we could return anytime."



Princess Ruby!

"As we pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, I saw the Range Rover standing tall over the line of Priuses, Corollas, and other such things. I lost it."


I'm a Rebelle

"As a competitor in two previous Rebelle Rally events, the event has come to mean a lust for adventure, intense competition and a romance with my Land Rovers! Interviewing the Land Rover teams that competed in the 2020 rally made me feel as though we’d known each other forever."

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