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GFS Freespirit Rooftop Tent!

Updated: May 12, 2019

** Through my partnership with Voyager Racks, we received our GFS tent, I think you're supposed to say legal things like that, but all the opinions are my own.

I've always been weary of rooftop tents in the past, not wanting to make the car top-heavy, even worse on gas milage, loud, snag on trees while off-roading... you get the point! However, as soon as we took the GFS out of the box and my kiddos could just about lift it, I was pretty impressed!

My husband and I easily lifted it onto my Voyager Rack and got it installed ourselves. The tent set up in a matter of minutes (probably quicker if we had read the instructions!) and I'd have to say I was a big fan of the super comfy interior.

We haven't actually camped in it yet, as I'm not brave enough to camp with preschoolers in below freezing temps, but I'll be sure and post an update when we do! As for having a fun picnic and setup and takedown, it's a breeze! We should be adding an awning in the coming months as well.

Check out Freespirit!


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