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Eloping in Alaska

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

The best adventure yet!

Really, what is there to say about Alaska besides it is gorgeous beyond belief, I want to go back already, oh, and it's a bit chilly at -20 F but not as bad and I was expecting!

In the beginning of November we flew into Anchorage and picked up our awesome rental Ram camper van. From there we drove to Seward for a night before heading to Alyeska.

My fiancé at the time, Jake, and I, planned to fly out of Girdwood the next morning to get married on a glacier, however the weather had other ideas! We ended up grounded because of a blizzard. It turned out to be such a storm that even the locals didn't want to drive. We quickly found out why, as our Ram slid across the parking lot when we thought we'd go for a drive.

After waking up to a gorgeous sunrise on fresh snow, we took a helicopter out of the Girdwood airport and spent some time on Spencer and 20 Mile glaciers. Both are shrinking yearly so it was an amazing experience to simply stand in awe. The flight was absolutely astounding, if a bit cold.

The following day we drove though Denali park up to the Article circle. With a short amount of time that had already been delayed by a day we did spend a lot of time on the road, but it is a big state and we wanted to experience as much as possible.

Saying you've driven the Dempster Highway is a badge of honor for some. We only drove about half, but I feel like I can cross that off my list now! I survived.

After camping at the 66th parallel, we proceeded back down the state, stopping at Chena Hot Springs and then Fairbanks before flying out of Anchorage again.

I have to say I'd highly recommend River Wild Camper Vans for and Alaskan exploration. We were nice and cozy even when it was -24 F.

The only thing we missed on our fast itinerary was the northern lights. We did catch a glimpse one night, but compared to the fantastic shows everyone has seen pictures of, it was more like a pale rainbow. Just another reason to go explore the Last Frontier even more! Until next time Alaska!


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