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Born to Explore... BAJA!

In November of 2020 I decided I needed out of the house, and overlanding somewhere in Layla was just the way to go. Alaska had been on my mind since I was a kid so that became my goal. But since Covid-19 was in full swing, and the border closures were getting stricter and stricter (I could have, flown but I really just wanted to drive) I decided to set my sights on Baja. I mean what Coloradian doesn't want to go to Baja, Mexico in the winter?

I wanted to make it to the beach in one day from Denver, Colorado, but being realistic, we stopped at a few of my favorite sites along the way and ended up camping at a spot iOverlander suggested just outside Mexican Hat, Arizona.

I really wasn't sure what to expect getting across the border, since this was a global pandemic and all! However, we were waved across, and even given a bit of a look for slowing traffic down! So we headed towards San Felipe and camped a bit inland that night, arriving after dark as would become the trend for the entire trip. The next morning it was serene to find that we were in the middle of the desert, by ourselves. Just the cacti, warming sun and sand, and us. Hello Baja!

Since I had a limited amount of time on this trip, we decided to see how the other side of the peninsula varied and headed over by Ensenada. That night camping south of the city, around Punta Cabras (arriving after dark of course) on the most amazing beach. Waves soothing me to sleep, and in the morning - what I now have decided was a life changing moment- as I sat drinking coffee in my sleeping bag I saw a dolphin playin in the waves. On our very own beach. This to me is what overlanding is all about. These small moments.

The trip was over Thanksgiving week, so what better way to celebrate than a huge taco spread at a local shop. With my limited Spanish we got some amazing food!

Unfortunately I had to be back in Colorado pretty quickly so the drive home was fast... Minus an extra overnight because I made the mistake of drinking an ice coffee in Mexico. DON'T DO THAT.

But I'm hoping this May I get to return to those magical beaches!


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